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(First published in April 2009)

I was contemplating on digging through my old notes to look for some raw and unfinished poems I wrote almost twenty years ago. Then I decided that it would be too much trouble to search for a few pieces of paper among hundreds of old dusty pages, and I’m having a cold or some nasal allergy. Good thing it’s raining now and there was a brief thunderstorm earlier, filling the air with negative ions. Ah, cool, clean, crisp air. Rain is such a blessing.

I’ve always loved the rain. I especially love to go to the beach on a cool rainy day. I even have an unfinished poem from more than a decade ago that goes something like this:

As we walk I hold your hand

And I think by now you should understand

That you can never hide

Behind stolid looks

And hard-bound books

The real woman inside.

Let’s go to the beach on a rainy day

Just enjoy the breeze

And watch the trees

Dance as the winds pass their way.

The poem remains unfinished. It will probably remain unfinished. Because I’m writing a better one.


The Sea On A Rainy Afternoon

Liquid, black

Smooth, without a crack


Like little hills patrolling.

Beads of rain drop

Break the surface and hop

Just above they hover

Like countless specks of silver. innerminds inner minds

Attempts at uncovering the underlying simplicity beneath apparently complex concepts as well as the core complexity within seemingly straightforward issues

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