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Women Are Irrational, Men Are Insensitive

Common scenario: A woman asks her man if he wants to grab a pizza. The man is full, so he simply says, “Nah”. Big mistake. For the ladies, although you already know why, please allow me to educate your men and maybe you’ll thank me later.

When a woman ‘asks’ if we want to do something – eat, drink, watch a movie – she’s actually saying that she wants to. So if we curtly albeit innocently say no, she will take this as a direct rejection. And so the seeds of a fight will have been planted.

Now some might protest that if the woman really wants something, why can’t she just say it straight? That way, the loving man would gladly eat a slice of pizza without regretting over the extra calories for as long as he can grant his beloved’s pleasure.

Why do women have to talk in riddles that often cause misunderstanding? Why do women have to be so irrational? Ah, because women use something other than words to communicate. Something much more powerful and efficient. The slightest change in the tone of voice or the way the eyebrows arch could carry more information in a second than several sentences in a minute. Of course, it takes a woman’s keen sensitivity to detect them. Unfortunately, they often also expect us men to have same mutant-level sensitivity bordering on telepathy. So when a woman ‘asks’ us if we want to go out for pizza, she’s assuming that we understand what she’s really saying.

While men complain about women being irrational, women get mad at men for being insensitive.

But what if we try developing our own sensitivity? Although a lot of men are not very comfortable with the idea of adopting this female trait because it might lessen their masculinity, being a little sensitive but still logical and rational could lead to our great advantage over those testosterone-pumped chest-thumping cavemen in winning our mate.

As for the ladies, we would really appreciate if once in a while you try to talk in our normal language so we can take a break from reading your minds with ever word you say, considering that when we are stressed or tired or hung over, our senses are dulled. inner minds


When A Woman Shares A Problem (Uh-oh)

When a woman shares a problem, the man instinctively puts on his Handyman cap and tries to offer solutions. Unfortunately, contrary to Handyman’s assumptions, this is not what a woman wants. Because what she wants is simply to have someone to whom she can pour out her pain and frustrations. And after that she’ll be fine – stronger and again able to continue taking the same crap day after day.

A familiar scene: A woman pours out to a friend about her abusive man and their volatile relationship, and as the friend silently absorbs her pain,  she regains the strength to continue living her shitty life.

Now why can’t she just leave her man? Probably because they’re both sick. I’ve read from one of Scott Peck’s books that it is harder to separate two sick people than if at least one of them was mentally and emotionally healthy, because in sick couples the partners feed off each other’s sickness. And maybe that’s why  she simply cannot leave him, because no matter how much she hates him, she also desperately needs him, albeit in a twisted way.

Fortunately, not all women are like that.  I guess most women, when they pour out their heartaches, simply shed the bad stuff so they can breathe in the good, renewing their strength not only to face the problem but perhaps even to solve it. I think they don’t want us to help them solve their problems because they are quite capable on their own, thank you – they just want us to give them the strength to do it.

Woman, without her man, is savage.

Or is it:

Woman! Without her, man is savage. inner minds

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