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A Cynical View on Attraction

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Afternoon Light

Alan Shore Bar Pick-up

Am I A Bad Person?

Among Great Minds: A Humbling Experience

Among Old Friends

Among Old Friends Part Two: VSOP

Among Old Friends Part Three: Innermost Circle

Another Blank Page

As The Mind Speaks



Can you prove there are no fairies?


Conflict of Interest

Creative Knot


Cults: Why Even Smart People Fall Prey

Cults Part Two: Why Even Smart People Fall Prey

Deep Rollers

Deep Rollers Part Two: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Drunk Driving In The Philippines

Due Influence

Due Influence Part Two: Big Daddy


Duplicity Part Two: Personality

Duplicity Part Three: The Darkness Within

Duplicity Part Four: Shades of Gray

Duplicity Part Five: Simple vs. Simplistic


Eugene Young’s Judgeship Interview

Evening Light

Friday Night Mellow

Getting High

Golden Slumbers

Green Briar

Hollow Years

I’m So Tired


Indian Part Two: Hypocrisy?

Infidelity: Human Nature and the Corpus Callosum


Knowing vs. Believing; Proof vs. Evidence

Life is a Journey, Character is a Destination



Malum Prohibitum

Money, Time, and Energy

Morning Light

Nicholas and Victoria

Of Grudges and Goals

Our Last Summer

Pain of Not Knowing

Peace of Mind

Power and Addiction

Problem of Evil

Problem of Evil Prequel: Discreet Infidel

Quality v. Quantity: Money, Time, and Energy Part Two


Rabbits Part Two: Deeper Into The Forest

Rabbits Part Three: The Clearing

Rabbits Prequel: Ghaqli and Fidda



Something Light This Time

Something Nice

Speaker of the House

Sweet Sorrow

The Big Bang Theory

The Boss

The Company is Not a Family

The Day It Rained On The Beach

The Sea On A Rainy Afternoon

The Tennis Ball

The Third Day

Thumb Wrestling: Theists and Atheists

Time and Life

Time and Life Part Two: Slipping Through My Fingers

Time and Life Part Three: Circle and Straight

Time and Life Part Four: Seamless but Marked

Trust and Tolerance

Vacation From A Vacation

What It Means To Be A Storyteller

What Return Can I Make?

When A Woman Shares A Problem (Uh-oh)

When Worlds Collide

Why I Write What I Write

Why People Worship Money

Women Are Irrational, Men Are Insensitive

‘Word of God’ or Hearsay?

Word Salad


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Attempts at uncovering the underlying simplicity beneath apparently complex concepts as well as the core complexity within seemingly straightforward issues


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