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Earlier I was considering “Deep Rollers Part III” as the title for this piece but I learned just now that that was being too ambitious on my part. In my two previous deep roller articles, I tried to explore what Hannibal Lecter meant about Clarice Starling being like a roller pigeon, particularly a deep roller. Now for “Part III”, I googled “Thomas Harris interview deep roller”, hoping to find some explanation from the writer himself, but I found none. So I guess we’ll have to set aside part three for now. Maybe in the near future.

Unable to use Deep Rollers for the title, I looked up and saw “Add New Post” on top of this page and I guess we’ll use it for now. And now, now what do we talk about? How about…existentialism. Nah, too heavy, and I don’t know enough about it to write in such a way as not to bore you by sounding like Wikipedia. Let’s do something personal – not about me but something I can personally relate with. Hmmm…how about time.

For the past few years I’ve noticed how days turn into weeks and into months and into years faster now than before. Well I remember an article about our different perceptions of time where an example used was that of a five-year-old and a forty-year-old and how long a year feels for each of them. For a five-year-old, a year comprises twenty percent – one-fifths – of his entire life. So if you promise him a bicycle on his next birthday, he will be waiting for a relatively long, long time. But for a forty-year-old, a year is only 2.5% or one-fortieths of his life. And to him, the equivalent of a five-year-old’s one long year is about eight years. Now that would be a very long time to wait for a bicycle.

So maybe that’s why (or at least partly why) the years seem to go faster lately. A year diminishes daily as a fraction of our entire lives. Troubling, isn’t it. But I also read in a book that the years – our years – are like pages in a calendar. For a child, the calendar is thick, but day after day he tears off one page after another. However, these pages are also filled with his memories and so he neatly stacks them right beside his calendar. And while the calendar gets thinner as the years go by, the stack also grows thicker. While the young have countless possibilities, the old have actual memories.

And our past is one thing that can never be taken from us, unless of course if they erase our memory.

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