Among Old Friends Part Three: Innermost Circle

A lawyer-friend of mine once told me about a significant difference between a corporate president and a state president. But before that, he told me about their similarity: both presidents somehow report to a board – the company directors in the former’s case; the congress and the senate in the latter’s (like in the State Of the Nation Address). For a corporate president, the board of directors’ decisions, even those on simple majority, often shape the fate of the company – even his own – and he can’t do anything about it. The state president, on the other hand, has a veto power that can only be overturned by a two-thirds vote. So in the case of the Philippines, the president’s influence is about equal to that of nine senators or 167 congressmen. Wow.

That was just one of our many discussions when we were regularly traveling to Gensan some years ago. There were times when we’d talk about adultery and concubinage and the parliamentary-federal form of government. We even used to fantasize about me being a state governor and he being an assemblyman and later on becoming the prime minister, and how we would act and interact. He was still a law student then, and the entire two hours of driving from Davao would be spent discussing non-stop the law and a little politics, but mostly political structures. I learned quite a lot, and it surely kept me awake and alert during the long drive.

In my previous piece, Among Old Friends, I mentioned how I missed the company of those within my innermost circle of friends, my old pals. Well, this person happens to be within my innermost circle.

2 Responses to “Among Old Friends Part Three: Innermost Circle”

  1. 1 mymyandong
    July 18, 2009 at 6:44 pm

    would u say ur in the crossroads of ur life? i was just thinking, do u really need an evidence that God trully exist?

    Nick Joaquin wrote the opposite of faith is doubt. to believe in an absolute is to believe with all ur mind and soul. so why do people still seek the truth, what leads us to seek answers? if we are made in God’s likeness why do people still seek something that is not even missing in the first place.

    have u seen the movie New in Town, renee zellweger, my spelling could be wrong…a lady asked her, have u found jesus? ( its a very religious and conservative town), renee answered, i didnt know he was missing.. so why do people need proof, cant we just believe and not ask for questions that could not have an absolute answer.

    faith is personal, u can customize it if u want (hek!). its how u walked this earth, how u treated ur neighbors, ur relationship with every living and breathing thing on this earth. God is within u if u desire it so…God could have many faces,religion could have different principles but the meaning of faith remains the same, we just choose to do it in different ways,after all at the end of the day, its only ur own soul u can afford to save.

  2. 2 jong atmosfera
    July 22, 2009 at 8:53 am

    Hello Ate My. I think your comment was supposedly for my previous article, “Something Light This Time” where at the end I mentioned about evidence that there is a God. Anyway, since you brought this up, I will tell you that personally I do not need any more evidence of God’s existence. However, lately I have been having intense but civilized discussions with an atheist, and maybe subconsciously I just felt like teasing him in that article, thus my mention about evidence of God’s existence. And it was supposed to be ironic because at the start of the article I said that this one would be something light – no talk about religion – then all of a sudden I mentioned God at the end. 🙂

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