Something Light This Time

It’s a Tuesday evening. The second day of work is barely over and the work week has just begun, so who would care for heavy talk about religion and atheism and murder, right? This time let us have something light and relaxing, something fun.

I have an ambient song playing in iTunes right now, and though its beat is a little slow, it reminds of the animated movie Madagascar – Escape 2 Africa where the animals party to a techno drum beat. One of the great blessings of our time is the advancement of animation technology. When I was a kid, the cartoons were mostly drawn at a landscape view – flat and sometimes even two-dimensional. Now, the “camera” can fly around a gigantic tree, spiral upwards and show branches at different angles, and then finally zoom in at the party mammals dancing at the top. Or in the case of Ratatouille, the camera chases a rat at an angle and distance much like that of another rat trailing behind, and as the lead rat climbs up the leg of a table, the viewer also looks up, climbs and follows.

Today’s filmmaking technology has given us new eyes to see exactly what only the filmmaker’s mind could see. And technology’s gift to art and artists isn’t limited to the movie industry. The musicians and visual artists have also benefited, boosting their creativity by making it more effective for them to express exactly what they hear and see inside their minds.

Lastly, technology has surely helped the literary artists as well. Instead of writing with pen and paper (good thing I never had to use a quill and dip it in ink after every few words), now we can just type away and edit – spell check and online dictionary and thesaurus right at our fingertips. So instead of having to open a heavy hard-bound Webster and manually scan the pages just to check the spelling and then write corrections on paper, now the screen automatically tells us if a word is spelled wrong, gives suggestions, and sometimes even autocorrects it.

Today’s writer wastes very little time editing and gets less distraction when writing, and that helps keep the delicate train of thought right on the rail of creativity. Net effect: the writer gets to write more, and better.

Ah, the blessings of modern technology. See, that is evidence that there is a God! 🙂

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