Green Briar

In the movie A Love Song For Bobby Long, John Travolta sings a very nice version of Barbara Allen:

“Mother, go make my bed/ Make it long and narrow/ My true love died for me yesterday/ I shall die for him tomorrow”/ She was buried in a church house yard/ And he was buried there beside her/ And from his grave grew roses red/ From hers grew green briar/ They grew and they grew so very high/ Till they could grow no higher/ And at the top grew a true lovers’ knot/ And the rose grew ’round the briar.

Actually that last line (And the rose grew ’round the briar) was from an older version of the song, but I like it better so I used it here to replace that of John Travolta’s version, which is simply “Twined with green briar”.

Nevertheless, just imagine, two kinds of lovely plants beside each other, and they grow, at first by the inch and then by the foot, side by side, until finally they wrap around each other in a “true lovers’ knot”, representing the true hearts of those just beneath them and from which they grew.

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3 Responses to “Green Briar”

  1. August 25, 2009 at 10:11 pm

    i think this song is so beautiful.
    i like johns ts version the best ever since i saw a love story for bobby long
    i cant seem to find a long version tho..?
    is there one that you kno ov or a version thats reallly similar?
    id like to get it on my ipod.
    please contact me if u think u ken help.

    • 2 jong atmosfera
      September 12, 2009 at 11:28 am

      Hi there Nakyla! Unfortunately, I think this is the only version of John Travolta. The longer versions were sung by Joan Baez and others. What I do is that I watch this clip above five times. 🙂

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