Why I Write What I Write

(First published on June 13, 2009)

A few months ago I was tempted to make another blog page but not put my name on it so I could write about sensitive topics without getting into trouble. I was planning on innerminds.blogspot.com but that was already taken. However, I was able to get innerminds.wordpress.com, although right now I’m still working on the settings.

Anyway, I figured that whether or not I make another blog, I don’t have to hide my identity. Because anything that I cannot say out loud is not worth saying at all. Of course there are sensitive and even cheesy topics, but I believe it is the writer’s challenge to write in such a way that doesn’t offend or antagonize the people you don’t want to offend or antagonize. You cannot please everybody, but you have to try to please the people you want to please. For instance, if some ignorant and closed-minded people are insulted by some of the things I say, I can live with that. But if I drive away the people I want to reach out to because of my lousy writing and shallow imagination, then I have failed as a writer.

No offense to other bloggers who do not put their names, because there are indeed some things that are hard to say within certain societies. And what I said about anything not worth saying if you can’t say it out loud doesn’t apply to all topics.

I’m just glad that what I care to write about isn’t that radical a concept to the society in which I belong.

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