2 am

(First published in May 2009)

It’s two in the morning and I am in my room, staring at the screen, my fingers happily tapping away on the keys like they have a mind of their own while my own mind starts to wander. And wonder. Wondering what would come out of this latest attempt at literature.

But first, let me fix myself a drink…

Okay. Wait, let me taste it…ahh, okay I’m good to go.

Had a nice Saturday afternoon with my cousins, nephews and nieces. Slept early this evening and woke up about an hour ago. I was going to watch Doubt on DVD but I figured that I’d write first and save this rare state of mind for posterity. I mean, it’s nice to wake up after some hours of good sleep, your head slightly dizzy and clear at the same time. Nice time to write a blog, letting the words flow out in streams of consciousness, capturing precisely the thought process instead of the formed thought itself.

Lately I’ve stumbled upon some blogs about agnosticism and atheism and the problem of evil. I am a Christian but I respect their views and commend some writers for their quest for truth using the perpetual self questioning of the scientific method where existing “facts” are always being tested. I even posted some comments like “while it is impossible to scientifically prove the existence of God, it is just as difficult to conclude with all certainty that there is no God. That is why it’s called Faith. And I dare say that only the agnostics do not have faith, because the true atheists also believe (but not KNOW) something; although they are infinitely more aware than the blind-faithed fundamentalists, in a way atheists still hold on smugly to a belief, that of the NON-existence of God“.

Hmmm…some things to ponder at 2 am. Nah, let’s think about something on the easier side. The air is cool and the world is quiet. No neighbor’s dog barking or cars driving by. Just quiet and cool. I love hours like this, especially on a Saturday night when one doesn’t have to immediately go back to sleep and wake up for work the following day. Oh, it’s now actually Sunday morning, but who cares? Tomorrow (or today?) is rest for the weary. And tonight is the reason why some people get weary in the first place. I still remember the days when Saturday Night meant bar hopping until 4 am, breaking sleep patterns and liquor bans. But now I just love to be at home on this nice Saturday night, enjoying my solitude.

And I love this natural high that comes right after I finish writing a piece. Ahhh…

I’m going to watch Doubt now.

But first, let me fix another drink…

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